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The manufacturers of World-Class Dental Milling Machines and 3D Dental Scanners

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Product Line-Up

                                                                                            DA3DS                                DScan Blue                          Zi-Series                                             Ti-Series
About Us
With an aim to bring dental milling machines and dental scanners to the masses, our company, Dental Automations, was started back in 2009. With a group of engineers, dentists and dental technicians, we have developed our milling machines and dental scanners taking care of all the problems which dentists and dental technicians face in their daily life. We have made our systems so easy to operate the even a layman, who has very little knowledge of computers can operate the machines and scanners. Our dental CAD/CAM systems are open systems, i.e. any of our product can work with any other open machine/scanner available worldwide.
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